FF14 Remade and Relaunched

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    FF14 Remade and Relaunched

    Post by Hakrev (Admin) on Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:45 am

    FF14 is going to be rereleased as a completely new mmo with new maps, new game engine, new servers, new UI, new graphics system and even new programming language o.0 Basically it is going to be FF14-2. The actual list of changes when 2.0 comes out are far more numerous then what I listed above.

    Summoning and Beastmasters and Bards are all in the very near future. Beastmasters will be able to tame and grow their pets.

    The new game will also feature ground and air movement capabilities, allowing the character to seemlessly take off from the ground and fly on personalized airships and other mounts.

    The transition to this new game is also a rather epic adventure, with specific content being released only for the transition period and WILL NOT be able to be repeated in the future. So if you want to watch earth crushing meteors smash apart the crap that is FF14, by all means join in the adventure soon. Personally I will find a great satisfaction in watching FF14 burn and get destroyed Smile

    New character races and model types will also be introduced.

    Player owned Estates will be available as well as Hotels and Inns.

    Just about the most badass looking cities and fortresses and caves are being developed as well and they are doing away with all the repeated textures and gradients that are so boring to look at, and they are shrinking the zones so it wont take you 3 hours to walk accross a zone anymore Smile

    All of the monsters are being redesigned as they are being made for the new game engine.

    I have spoken before about "The Golden Patch" and it looks like that patch will be coming in the form of a COMPLETELY NEW GAME. (this was the "new mmo" rumored and hinted at earlier this year).

    Character movement/emotes/player interaction/linkshells/market systems are all being completely redone as well.

    I guess I could keep listing stuff, but basically I can sum it all up by saying that everything that was ff14 before is going into the preverbial garbage dump and SE is giving us a properly designed mmo.

    Just a word of warning though, they are resuming subscription costs relatively soon and you will be prompted to reactivate paid services when you log into your SE account. For those of you that already have subscriptions to FF14 rest assured, they are cancelling everyone's subscription and only those that choose to reactivate will pay, so don't worry about getting billed for the game accidentally.


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    Re: FF14 Remade and Relaunched

    Post by Gennadi on Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:38 pm

    That is super kool news Hak. Ive been reading FF14 2.0 newsletter they sent us and i'm pretty excited about the new changes. I might just hop in and take a look soon.

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