FF14 Update Information for 11/25/2010

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    FF14 Update Information for 11/25/2010

    Post by Hakrev (Admin) on Fri Nov 26, 2010 2:33 am


    Several additional tutorial messages have been implemented in the main scenario quests.

    The following features have been added to the main scenario quest "Fade to White," available upon completing all preceding quests and reaching a class rank of 20:

    Information on individual personalities will be now available when selecting a Path Companion.

    A Yes/No confirmation prompt will now appear when selecting a Path Companion.

    During main scenario quests, when players approach a door that leads in or out of an instanced area, they are now given a prompt asking whether or not they wish to proceed.

    Several new regional guildleves for Disciples of the Land have been added.

    The following changes have been made to the guildleve system:

    When a levequest target is situated at a significantly different elevation than the player, the minimap indicator now remains and becomes semi-transparent.

    In the event that all party members participating in a levequest are KO'd, the remaining targets will no longer be visible by PCs outside the party.

    The difficulty setting for certain guildleves can now be lowered after they have been activated.
    * Completion bonuses are adjusted in accordance with the newly selected difficulty level.
    * Difficulty can be lowered multiple times until reaching one star.
    * Difficulty cannot be lowered while party members are in combat.

    Treasure chests appearing in the field during levequests are now opened simply by targeting and selecting them rather than via the Interactions menu.

    When leve linking is available, a prompt will now appear allowing players the option to accept or refuse a link. The following conditions must be met when leve linking:
    * Players must be in a party.
    * Players must possess the same (uncompleted) guildleve as the one being activated.

    Leve linking players will now receive experience and skill point bonuses.

    The following adjustments have been made to levequest targets:

    * Physical/magical accuracy and evasion rates have been lowered.
    * Maximum HP has been increasd.
    The number of crystals earned on local levequests has been adjusted.

    Guild marks can now be earned from lower-level local levequests.

    The difficulty for the faction levequest "Collecting Sea Shells" has been adjusted.

    Experience and skill point bonuses are now awarded by behests.


    The amount of skill points required to attain ranks 11 through 31 has been reduced.
    Excess skill points resulting from version update changes are retained and applied towards the next rank. Ex.) A player at rank 17 with 13,000 skill points prior to the version update.
    As the amount of skill points required to attain rank 18 has been lowered from 15,000 to 12,000, this player will immediately attain rank 18 the next time skill points are earned, and will also retain the surplus 1,000 skill points.

    * In the above example, the player's skill points will be displayed as 12,000/12,000 until new skill points are first earned following the version update.

    RankPrior to Version UpdateAfter Version Update

    The manner in which skill points are awarded through combat has been changed and now operates in the same manner as experience points.

    The rank range that allows for bonus skill and experience point within a party has been expanded from ±5 to +5/-10.
    Ex. In a party of three players, ranks 10, 15, and 20, the rank 10 player receives bonuses equivalent to that of a two-person party, as only one of the other players is within the rank range. From the perspectives of the rank 15 and 20 players, however, both of the other two party members fall within the rank range. They will therefore both receive bonuses equivalent to a three-person party.

    Physical and magic accuracy calculations have been adjusted. Attacks are now easier to land and more difficult to resist.

    The influence of the VIT attribute on HP and the MND attribute on MP has been adjusted.

    The attack range of conjurers and thaumaturges has been adjusted.

    The parry rate for Marauder's Arms has been increased.

    A bonus to accuracy has been granted to Archer's Arms based on distance to the target.

    The following actions and statuses have been adjusted.

    PugilistTauntAffinity value for other classes adjusted.

    FeatherfootStamina cost reduced from 5 to 3.5.

    Effect duration increased from 15 to 30 seconds.

    Evasion rate increased.

    BlindsideEffect now also applies to attacks made with throwing weapons.

    Discerning EyeEffect now also applies to attacks made with throwing weapons.

    Seismic Shock IIMP cost reduced from 20 to 15.

    Light StrikeEvasion rate increased.

    GladiatorProvokeAffinity value for other classes has been adjusted.

    Howling VortexEffect duration increased from 30 to 15 seconds.

    ObsessEnmity generation of target increased.

    Luminous SpireMP cost reduced from 20 to 10.

    Riot BladeAmount of damage dealt increased.

    MarauderBloodbathStamina cost reduced from 6 to 3.5.

    DefenderReduces magic potency and increases magic defense as well.

    Cancels effect if used while Defender is already active.

    Effect duration increased from 15 to 30 minutes.

    Effect ends if class is changed.

    ForesightStamina cost reduced from 5 to 3.5.

    Effect duration increased from 15 to 30 seconds.

    Parry rate increased.

    DisorientEnmity generation of target increased.

    WarmongerEnmity generation rate adjusted.

    Length of effect duration adjusted.

    MaimReduction in directional defense adjusted.

    SteadfastParry rate increased.

    ArcherRaging StrikeEffect applies to attacks made with throwing weapons.

    Hawk's EyeEffect applies to attacks made with throwing weapons.

    TrifurcateMP cost reduced from 30 to 15.

    LancerFerocityNo longer has a stamina cost.

    Effect applies to attacks made with throwing weapons.

    Speed SurgeEffect duration increased from 2 to 3 minutes.

    Effect ends if class is changed.

    Comrade in ArmsEnmity generation rate adjusted.

    FeintTP cost increased from 250 to 500.

    Life SurgeEffect duration increased from 120 to 180 seconds.

    Effect ends if class is changed.

    ConjurerTranquilityChanging classes incurs a full recast timer.

    ReposeEnmity generation rate adjusted.

    Cure, Cure II, Cure IIIEnmity generation rate adjusted.

    Shock Spikes, Shock Spikes IIStun durations determined by affinity.

    Protect, Protect IIAmount of defense granted increased.

    Shell, Shell IIAmount of magic defense granted increased.

    Purge, Purge IIEnmity generation of target increased.

    SleepEnmity generation rate adjusted.

    ThaumaturgeExaltationChanging classes incurs a full recast timer.

    Scourge, Scourge IICast time reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.

    Amount of damage dealt increased.

    Banish, Banish IICast time reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.

    Amount of damage dealt increased.

    Sacrifice, Sacrifice II, Sacrifice IIIEnmity generation rate adjusted.

    Amount of HP healed increased.

    Slow, Gravity, Bind, Silence, Paralyze, BlindEnmity generation of target increased.

    Punishing BarbsEffect duration reduced from 60 seconds to 20 seconds.

    Stamina cost reduced from 6 to 3.

    Damage dealt by spikes cannot exceed player's current HP.

    Affinity value for other classes adjusted.

    Absorb ATK, Absorb DEF, Absorb ACC, Absorb EVAAmount of attribute absorbed increased.

    Effect duration increased by 50% for caster.

    EmulateEnmity generation of target increased.

    ContagionEnmity generation of target increased.

    Facing a target to attack is now automated when an action is selected.

    New enemy types have been added.

    Enemy populations in all areas have been increased and reorganized.

    [ Before ]
    [ After ]

    The following changes have been made to enemy territories.*
    * A territory is the area where an enemy spawns and roams while not engaged.

    Enemy territories have been expanded.

    A log message appears when an enemy returns to its territory.

    Enemies that return to their territory will not recover HP for a certain period of time.

    The following adjustments have been made to loot.

    High quality +1 and +2 materials can no longer be obtained through combat. The frequency of drops will remain the same, though all items will now be either normal quality or high quality +3.

    Prior to Version Update After Version Update
    Normal QualityNormal Quality
    High Quality +1Normal Quality
    High Quality +2High Quality +3
    High Quality +3High Quality +3


    Player inventory capacity has been increased from 80 to 100 slots.

    Smallclothes no longer suffer wear, and therefore no longer require repairs.
    Smallclothes which suffered wear prior to the version update have been restored to pristine condition, and all unsightly stains removed. This includes smallclothes within bazaars marked as "seeking repairs," which can be equipped as normal after they are removed from the bazaar.

    The following changes have been made to a number of items.

    Optimal ranks have been adujusted.

    Item stats have been adjusted.

    The materials required to repair the following items have been changed.

    Leather HimantesBuffalo Leather SpetchSheep Leather Spetch
    Cotton Doublet Vest (Yellow)Canvas FentCotton Fent
    Stack capacity for the following items has been increased from 99 to 999:
    Bronze Arrow, Iron Arrow, Silver Arrow, Fang Arrow, Shell Arrow, White Coral Arrow, Obsidian Arrow, Warped Arrow, Flint Arrow, Blue Coral Arrow, Red Coral Arrow, Bronze Swallowtail Arrow, Iron Swallowtail Arrow.

    The following ashkin (undead) no longer drop equipment:
    Rotting Corpses, Fallen Soldiers, Fallen Pikemen, Fallen Captains, Fallen Mages, Fallen Wizards, Skeleton Soldiers, Wight Warriors, Wendigo

    The following adjustments have been made to synthesis recipes.

    The number of steps required to initiate synthesis have been reduced.

    The effects of each synthesis type (normal, bold, rapid) have been adjusted.

    New synthesis recipes have been added.

    Several existing recipes have been adjusted.

    The degree of difficulty for several recipes have been adjusted.

    Synthesis of the following items no longer requires a subskill.
    Mudstone Grinding Wheel, Bronze Mortar

    The relevant treatise for the following items has been changed.

    Bone Sword GripBonecarving Training--
    Hempen Singlet--Tailoring Training
    Hempen Pagne--Tailoring Training
    Hempen Breastcloth--Tailoring Training
    The number of crystals required for nearly all existing recipes has been reduced by 20%.

    The following adjustments have been made to gathering:

    The chances of obtaining specific items has been increased when a "sweet spot" is found during the targeting phase.*
    * This refers to the phase of gathering in which a portion of the exposed ore to strike, the section of a tree to notch, or the depth at which to fish is selected.

    Hints are now provided in the log during the targeting phase.

    The relation between tackle and fish has been adjusted. Wait times may be reduced for hits from fish with a high attraction to the tackle being used.

    The following Disciple of the Land actions have been changed to search only for gathering points of the specified grade:

    MinerLay of the LandSurvey the landscape to locate grade 1 mineral deposits.
    Lay of the Land IISurvey the landscape to locate grade 2 mineral deposits.
    Lay of the Land IIISurvey the landscape to locate grade 3 mineral deposits.
    Lay of the Land IVSurvey the landscape to locate grade 4 mineral deposits.
    BotanistArbor CallSurvey the landscape to locate grade 1 mature trees.
    Arbor Call IISurvey the landscape to locate grade 2 mature trees.
    Arbor Call IIISurvey the landscape to locate grade 3 mature trees.
    Arbor Call IVSurvey the landscape to locate grade 4 mature trees.
    FisherGulleyeSurvey the landscape to locate grade 1 schools of fish.
    Gulleye IISurvey the landscape to locate grade 2 schools of fish.
    Gulleye IIISurvey the landscape to locate grade 3 schools of fish.
    Gulleye IVSurvey the landscape to locate grade 4 schools of fish.


    Main Menu

    Reponse time of the user interface (UI) has been improved.

    Skill and experience bars have been added to the main screen.

    Attributes & Gear has been split into two options on the main menu, Attributes and Gear.

    The profile displayed when examining another player has been changed. Item details can now be viewed without selecting a slot. Active linkshell details are now displayed in the log.

    When playing solo, loot now automatically enters a player's inventory. If a player's inventory is full, the loot will be placed in the loot list.

    A Loot option appears in the Interactions menu whenever one or more items occupy the loot list.

    The display of inactive UI widgets has been altered.

    The gamepad can now toggle auto-run on and off, even when a UI widget is active.

    Cursor positions are now saved independently for the Ctrl and Alt macro palettes.

    Menu OptionDetails
    AttributesDisplays attribute, skill, and key item data via tabs.
    Tabs can be cycled through using Tab and Shift+Tab on the keyboard, or the Open Macro (Ctrl) and Open Macro (Alt) buttons on a gamepad.

    Key Items has been moved from the Inventory window to the Attributes window.

    The general layout has been rearranged, and off hand weapon and tool data is no longer displayed.

    The display of element values has been unified with that of the Point Allotment window.

    GearMousing over gear now displays item details.

    Selecting a slot now displays only gear that may be equipped in that slot.

    The Wear value can be viewed by clicking on the arrow icon in the lower right of the item window. It may also be accessed by pressing left or right on the directional pad of a gamepad, or the left or right arrow keys on a keyboard while the item window is open.
    * In the December version update, the Wear value will be incorporated into the main item window.

    Actions & TraitsThe main hand/off hand selection box that appeared when setting an action to the action bar has been removed.

    InventoryThe upper portion of the Inventory window now displays a list of items in a player's possession. Highlighting an item displays its icon, statistics, and other details below.

    A menu containing Sell Item, Purchase Item, Seek Repairs, Repair, Discard, and Toggle Sort options has been added.

    A sort feature has been added.
    * Enabling the sort feature organizes an inventory by item type. Disabling it will list items in the order in which they entered the inventory.

    JournalArea names are displayed on the journal map screen.

    Player's current location is shown on the journal map screen when in the area being displayed.

    A history of completed quests has been added.

    PartyWorld population and nearby player counts are no longer displayed.

    Social ListsA party invite feature has been added to the Friend List.

    The Tab key can now be used to navigate between the given name and surname fields when registering a player in the Friend List or Blacklist.

    LinkshellActive linkshells are now denoted by an icon on the linkshell list.

    The active linkshell crest icon now appears next to linkshell messages in the log.

    A linkshell's log and number are now displayed next to it on the linkshell list.

    MapPlayer coordinates are now displayed in the upper left portion of the map.

    The text command can be used to display a player's current coordinates.

    Scrolling on the map can now be performed by dragging the mouse.

    The Page Up and Page Down keys can now be used to zoom in and out on the map.

    Locations of the player and other party members are now displayed on the map in real-time.

    The log now remains visible while the map screen is open.

    Audio SettingsVolume has been changed to Audio Settings.

    CameraA Vertical Camera Position option has been added.

    A NPC Camera Lock in Events option has been added. Enabling this feature causes the camera to lock onto NPCs when they are spoken to.

    Chat FiltersTwo customizable tabs with toggle functionality have been added.
    A Log Transparency option has been added.
    Enabling these tabs will cause them to display in the log.
    * Text input is available on the default General and Battle tabs only.
    * Log tabs can be cycled through by using Ctrl+← or Ctrl+→. The last selected log tab will now remain active at all times.

    Synthesis- and gathering-related chat filters have been added.

    Text ColorationA Text Coloration option has been added. Font colors for chat modes may now be changed.

    Log TransparencyThe transparency of the log while inactive may now be changed.

    Chat-specific KeyboardA Chat-specific Keyboard option has been added. Enabling this feature will allow direct chat input without first opening the chat prompt.
    * Key mapping is not possible while the Chat-specific Keyboard is enabled.

    Keyboard SettingsNew commands that can now be mapped to the keyboard are listed below.
    [Target Settings] ・Party Member 1
    ・Party Member 2
    ・Party Member 3
    ・Party Member 4
    ・Target Nearest PC
    ・Target Nearest NPC

    [Other] ・Open Attributes window
    ・Open Gear window
    ・Open Actions & Traits window
    ・Open Point Allotment window
    ・Open Inventory
    ・Open Loot window
    ・Open Journal
    ・Examine target
    ・Open Bazaar
    ・Begin synthesis action
    ・Begin gathering action

    * Newly added commands are not included in the default keyboard settings.

    In the default keyboard settings, Target Self has been reassigned to the F1 key, and Target Nearby Party Members to the F6 key.
    The U key now uses an item. The Z key now toggles between single-target and area of effect modes for spells.
    * Enabling these new key assignments requires that default keyboard settings be restored.

    User MacrosWhole macros can now be copy and pasted. Copy and pasting individual lines within a macro can still be done by selecting text with the mouse and then using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V commands.


    The following changes have been made to anima-based transportation:

    The amount of anima required by the Return command has been reduced from 2 to 1.

    The amount of anima required by the Teleport command in when traveling to a city-state's aetheryte plaza has been reduced by half.

    By paying a small fee of gil to an aetheryte camp's gatewarden, players can now register the location as one of their Favored Destinations. Up to three locations can be registered in this way.
    Teleportation to a favored aetheryte requires only half the anima of normal teleportation.

    A player's current anima total will now be displayed when selecting a teleportation destination.
    * City-state aetheryte plazas cannot be registered as Favored Destinations.

    The following adjustments have been made to the chat system:

    The log window chat prompt will now remain displayed at all times.

    Players can now use the button directly above the chat prompt to select chat modes, adjust log settings, and more.

    Changing chat modes while typing a message will no longer delete the text in the chat prompt.

    Changing pages in the auto-translate dictionary can now be done by using left and right directional arrows.

    Emotes used by PCs included on a player's Blacklist will no longer appear in that player's log.

    Players can now use the subcommand motion in conjunction with an emote text command to display the emote's motion without the accompanying text.

      /wave - Both PC motion and log text are displayed
      /wave motion - Only PC motion is displayed
    Ctrl+R can now be used to open a /tell chat prompt automatically addressed to the last player from whom a /tell was received.
    Pressing Ctrl+R repeatedly scrolls through the names of the last 20 players from whom /tells were received.

    Chat modes can now be changed using the following methods:

     Temporary SwitchPermanent Switch
    When used while not in chat mode, the aforementioned Ctrl commands will open the chat prompt in the selected mode.
    * In the December version update, the function of Ctrl+T will be changed to open a /tell chat prompt addressed to the last player to whom you sent a /tell.

    The text command /equip will now work to equip multiple items of the same name to multiple slots.

    The subcommands main and sub are no longer necessary when using the text commands /action and /equipaction.

    The method of accessing market wards has been changed.

    The following changes have been made to retainers:

    The number of inventory slots available to retainers has been increased from 80 to 100.

    Retainers can now be made to "model" their wares by equipping items in their bazaars.

    The screen used to transfer items between player and retainer has been overhauled. Now players can exchange items (other than those stacked) simply by selecting them.

    The screen once accessed via the gil button has been replaced by a tab. Transferring gil to and from a retainer can now be done directly from this tab.

    Prices will now be displayed next to individual items in retainer and player bazaars.

    Bazaar text for Seeking, Selling, Damaged, etc. has been replaced with icons.
    The font color for a bazaar item's quantity and price now changes depending on the item's status. Items sold in stacks now have parentheses around the stack quantity.

    Selling (by unit)
    Selling (by set)

    The action bar can now be moved from its default location.

    The Battle Regimen toggle can no longer be reached by pressing the directional arrows on the keyboard or left/right on a controller's D-pad.

    When cycling through targets with the Tab key, priority is now given to those targets located in front of the player.

    When engaging multiple enemies, a player now automatically targets the next enemy when one has been defeated.

    If a player with no target is targeted by an attack or spell, that player now automatically targets the attacker or caster.

    Players can now target themselves or other party members by clicking on their HP/MP bar.

    A party member's HP/MP bar will now glow when targeting that member.

    Guest NPCs can now be sub-targeted.

    PCs and NPCs will now perform motions while engaged in Parley.

    The door to the Adventurers' Guild in Ul'dah is now always open.

    The character creation screen will now indicate Worlds where character creation is temporarily not available.

    Server load issues have been addressed.

    Individual areas are now processed across multiple servers.
    Due to this change, the names of some players in the same area may be displayed in a semi-transparent font.

    The "Word to Our Players" message that appears upon game start-up now requires players to answer Yes or No before entering the game.

    The following changes have been made to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Config program:

    The Drawing Quality option located on the Video Settings tab (under General) has been split into two new options: General Drawing Quality and Background Drawing Quality.
    * Depending on their PC environment, some players may experience better performance by lowering these settings.

    The tab Font Settings has been added under General.
    Players can use this option to change the in-game font to any Windows system font.
    Please note, using Windows system fonts may cause in-game text to be displayed incorrectly or result in awkward UI layouts.

    Bug Fixes

    The following issues have been addressed:

    An issue where aetherial nodes would dematerialize prematurely.

    An issue where the following aetheryte camps were not paired with the correct aetherial gates:

    Before After
    Camp Brittlebark <-> The FogfensCamp Brittlebark <-> Singing Shards
    Camp Revenant's Toll <-> Singing ShardsCamp Revenant's Toll <-> The Fogfens

    An issue regarding incorrect information for the following levequest:

    Before After
    Mining Horizon's Edge
    In an attempt to document locations in Thanalan housing veins of precious ore, the Miners' Guild in Ul'dah is petitioning adventurers to journey to Horizon's Edge and search for viable mineral deposits.
    Mining Nophica's Wells
    In an attempt to document locations in Thanalan housing veins of precious ore, the Miners' Guild in Ul'dah is petitioning adventurers to journey to Nophica's Wells and search for viable mineral deposits.

    An issue where the marauder weapon skills Skull Sunder and Brutal Swing would always strike multiple targets.

    An issue where the marauder action Defender would always increase enmity.

    An issue where Warmonger would not grant the correct status effect.

    An issue where the actions Speed Surge and Life Surge would not properly inflict the status effect Speed Sap and Life Sap when attacking with a weapon skill.

    An issue where Disciple of Magic arms would not properly drain HP when used in conjunction with the lancer action Speed Surge.

    An issue where the lancer ability Fleet of Foot would remain active while in passive mode.

    An issue where the area of effect for the thaumaturge action Nature's Fury was not accurate.

    An issue where the area of effect for thaumaturge spells such as Flare, Freeze, and Quake would be centered on the caster.

    An issue where high-quality (+1, +2, +3) items were not being properly equipped when using text commands.

    An issue where when viewing a player's bazaar, the previous item's name was being displayed.

    An issue where in-game volume would increase dramatically during certain cutscenes.

    Several synthesis recipes posted on the The Lodestone showing incorrect information have been fixed.
    Darksilver Square (Armorcraft, Rank 21-30 → Armorcraft, Rank 11-20)
    Dodoskin Leggings (Grey) (general → Clothcraft, Rank 1-10)

    Known Issues

    Players possessing 100 items may sometimes receive an error message when attempting to exchange items with a retainer, preventing the trade. Should this problem arise, players should reduce their inventory to 99 items before opening trade with the retainer again.

    Auto-targeting of engaged enemies after one is defeated may not function correctly.

    In some cases, the degraded equipment icon will continue to be displayed even after unequipping a degraded piece of equipment.
    The icon can be removed by either using the degraded equipment until it is completely destroyed or taking it to an NPC to be repaired.


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    Re: FF14 Update Information for 11/25/2010

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    Good SE is on their way in improving 14, thats good news

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