Palace of the Dead


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    Palace of the Dead

    Post by Aliron on Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:54 am

    This is a 50 floor dungeon that may remind you a little bit of Nyzul Isle but with only one goal each floor. Kill some monsters until the way on opens.
    I've decided to post some stuff to help people out that may want some info
    The gear and level you have outside means nothing inside
    You will have what is called Aetherpool gear which grows in strength as you open Silver Chests for a possible +1 to one of the pieces. They each cap at +30, and as they get stronger you will need to be on the higher floors. You also get an automatic +1 to both weapon and armor for finishing the 50th floor.
    Once the gear is at 30/30 (Weapon strength/armor strength) you can trade them in for an i235 weapon. If you want the weapon for a specific job, then be on that job when you trade it in. It does not matter what class/job you were inside the dungeon. Once the trade is done, you start over on a new set of aetherpool gear.

    You do require a certain amount of upgrades to progress through the dungeon, the minimum for the last leg of the dungeon is 12/12, so if you have not reached that level yet, use your second save file to get some more chests

    You will have 2 save files available, when you enter you can choose Fixed Party which allows you to go in solo or with a full party, but you will need the same set up everytime you enter with that file. You get to keep all the Pomanders (dungeon specific items) as you progress, unlike in a matched party that resets after clearing a boss floor (floors 10, 20, 30, 40, and of course 50)

    If you want to progress a file that has a fixed party but not all people are there, then you can convert it to a matched party, you will always have 4 people though it might not be a standard party (I had a run of all healers a few times)

    Finally the pomanders;

    Strength and Steel: These two grant buffs to damage(and healing) and Defense, respectably Both buffs last for 8 minutes.

    Lust and Rage: These two transform the user into a Succubus or a Manticore. The Manticore can kill mobs that can be knocked back (useless on bosses) while the Succubus a source of stacking vulnerability up debuffs and damage

    Fortune: This ups the chance of enemies dropping chests upon death. RNG is still at play, so keep that in mind. Best used when you enter a floor. I must advise against using this with Flight, and sugesst using it with Rage

    Sight: This reveals the map of the floor an all traps. So if you use this, avoid any red marks. 

    Safety: This disarms all traps on the current floor and thus like the last two should be used immediately upon arrival

    Flight: Not useful for Leveling, but a godsend for grabbing chests and getting through floors 30-50 swiftly. This when used reduces the amount of mobs on the next floor. Use immediately for best results.

    Affluence: Like Flight, this affects the next floor and thus should be used as soon as you get it. Why? because it means that floor will get more chests, which means more chances of buffing your gear an finding Potsherds (RNG still a thing though so keep that in mind)

    Alteration: Best used when Level Grinding for it changes some Mobs on the next floor into Mimics or Korrigans. The latter giving a lot of exp, but only if you're within range of their shrieks. Either way you get more exp than usual.

    Witching: Best used when you bit of more than you can chew. This transforms the mobs into either toads, chickens or imps/Kappa. It also makes them sitting ducks

    Purity: It just removes the otherwise un-removable Pox status (and likely Accursed Pox as well), best used by those with these debuffs

    Serenity: This removes all enchantments on the current Floor, whether it be Haste, Gloom, or HP decreases. Bear in min that it won't discriminate against positive buffs the floor would provide so if you use it you lose the buffs. Especially keep that in mind if you want the special enemies that spawn only in Gloom. It also appranrly can remove the no-pomander effect from the floor.

    On a side note, All Pomanders can have a maximum stack of 3, any excess will be returned unless the pomander is used

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