APR 2016 Council Minutes


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    APR 2016 Council Minutes

    Post by Gennadi on Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:08 pm

    Hi Genn here (aka Hulkwolf) on the FF14 Excalibur World. Here is the minutes of our latest Council of the Praefectus meeting.

    Our main topics that we talked about were effective recruitment strategies and scheduling events to keep our membership active.

    I'm going to edit this post to make it look better soon but too tired at the moment  Sleep

    [20:16][2]Aliron Durimhuid> The 2 things I wanted feedback on was recruiting and events
    [20:16][2]Aliron Durimhuid> My biggest concern with recruiting is also retaining active players
    [20:16][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i do have some ideas on both
    [20:17][2]Aliron Durimhuid> go for it
    [20:18][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> recruiting is a long term strategy we can just auto invite people. not that easy. We need a few ways to approach it
    [20:18][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> cant*
    [20:18][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora>the PF adverts 
    that lasy 60 min is effective, it shows people MFC exists
    [20:19][2]Quendi Leviathan> like real scheduled events
    [20:19][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> But what people want is stuff they need help with
    [20:19][2]Quendi Leviathan> would help in both
    [20:20][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> so 1st thing is PF adverts 3-4 times a week atleast
    [20:20][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> blind tells doesnt work so cant do that
    [20:20][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> other thing is to
    post in official forums and other fan site forums 14 related
    [20:21][2]Aliron Durimhuid> Definitly Quendi, and that good points so far Genn, keep going
    [20:21][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> start to spread the word that MFC is Looking for members.
    [20:22][2]Aliron Durimhuid> the forums would be best managed by a couple people at least I think
    [20:22][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> dont need to spend a lot of time, we also need to have a advert message that stays interesting, cant be like 100's of other fc's looking for people
    [20:22][2]Quendi Leviathan> i logged on just for meeting even though i'm not motivated for content.
    [20:22][2]Quendi Leviathan> since i'm a FC founder
    [20:23][2]Aliron Durimhuid> I appreciate that a lot Quendi
    [20:23][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> its good to have your ideas Q
    [20:23][2]Aliron Durimhuid> and you are hitting some points good
    [20:24][2]Quendi Leviathan> i can help with the gw site if concrete times can be established
    [20:24][2]Aliron Durimhuid> I know events was the second topic, but it relates at the same time. Do you second topic, but it relates at the same time. Do you have any ideas Quendi? I've been missing the mark of what people seem to want
    [20:24][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> once we have a few areas that we can advert , lets expand it a bit more and put some things up on social media like youtube
    [20:25][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> we need to think big but keep our message simple and interesting
    [20:25][2]Quendi Leviathan> what is the true goal of MFC
    [20:26][2]Aliron Durimhuid> sounds good Genn, and 
    for the concrete times that also seems to be where I'm missing a lot, I prefer gather times of 830 and starts at 9
    [20:26][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> we can even start a simple facebook page
    [20:26][2]Aliron Durimhuid> the goal is to have fun be social while getting content completed
    [20:26][2]Aliron Durimhuid> For any of that requires people that are on
    [20:26][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> need to record what were saying brb 2 min
    [20:27][2]Aliron Durimhuid> I was thinking of that 
    myself Genn
    [20:27][2]Quendi Leviathan> there's free voip out there too.
    [20:28][2]Aliron Durimhuid> whats it called again? and do you know if it has a mobile app?
    [20:29][2]Aliron Durimhuid> came with guildwork free site didn't it?
    [20:30][2]Quendi Leviathan> discord
    [20:30][2]Quendi Leviathan> they made
    [20:30][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i've been heared of it lately
    [20:30][2]Quendi Leviathan> used to be mumble on site
    [20:30][2]Aliron Durimhuid> right
    [20:30][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i'll see if it has a mobile app so I can use it when I'm playing
    [20:31][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> ok back wish i was able to copy everything instead of per window of text
    [20:31][2]Quendi Leviathan> discord has mobile
    [20:31][2]Aliron Durimhuid> click and drag then ctrl c then paste
    [20:31][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> lol nvm i made the window larger much better
    [20:31][2]Aliron Durimhuid> kk i'll get it soon
    [20:32][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> oh ok ill try that too
    [20:32][2]Quendi Leviathan> i hate typing lol
    [20:32][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i hear that lol
    [20:32][2]Aliron Durimhuid> but so use to it
    [20:33][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> that was pretty much all my ideas on how to recruit and get the message out
    [20:33][2]Aliron Durimhuid> we'll need to figure who's going to do what approach for the forum ads and how to approach PF as well
    [20:33][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> the other thing you asked is how do we keep and retain members
    [20:33][2]Aliron Durimhuid> but I like it, and the FB page as well
    [20:34][2]Aliron Durimhuid> the keeping and retaining will most likely be solved by concrete events and focuses
    [20:34][2]Aliron Durimhuid> in my mind
    [20:34][2]Quendi Leviathan> problem is there will always people that join and and leave after they get what they want
    [20:34][2]Aliron Durimhuid> like some of the LS's out there focused on specific extreme primals
    [20:35][2]Aliron Durimhuid> true, but if even 10% stay it helps
    [20:35][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> yes people join FC's for 2 reasons, 1, Social place to hang out freinds list etc, a few easy dungeons , trails etc 2nd People want to clear content, non savage clears etc
    [20:35][2]Quendi Leviathan> part of it is SE made no FC specific content
    [20:35][2]Aliron Durimhuid> so a big question aimed at you this time QUendi is what would motivate you to be on
    [20:36][2]Aliron Durimhuid> even the savage clear Genn
    [20:36][2]Aliron Durimhuid> thats actually a big one
    [20:36][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i was thinking savage clears are manily for dedicated shell statics and not fc i may be wrong
    [20:37][2]Quendi Leviathan> i was a raider but groups fell apart and i ran out of time to pug it
    [20:37][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> but how manye raiders come from 1 fc?
    [20:37][2]Aliron Durimhuid> its not always 1 FC but 1 shell in a lot of cases
    [20:38][2]Aliron Durimhuid> which is where getting people to join the linkshell to helps
    [20:38][2]Quendi Leviathan> i used to be the only 1 doing new content as it came out here
    [20:38][2]Aliron Durimhuid> you and I seem to have swapped on the Quendi lol
    [20:38][2]Aliron Durimhuid> that*
    [20:38][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> Ali when you say you want more members do you mean LS first then invite to FC after?
    [20:39][2]Aliron Durimhuid> thats a tough one
    [20:39][2]Aliron Durimhuid> LS is more freedom for players because they can join no matter what FC they have already
    [20:39][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> we got to ask ourselves why would someone join an LS and why would someone join an Fc and work our way back from there
    [20:39][2]Aliron Durimhuid> so I think to the shell might be best, and mention that we have a FC
    [20:39][2]Quendi Leviathan> but 11 drew me back with goals i could do
    [20:40][2]Quendi Leviathan> and not feel 100% waste
    [20:40][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i agree shells are less of a commintment because anyone can have more than 1 shell, but only 1 FC
    [20:41][2]Aliron Durimhuid> that feeling of wasted effort is huge with how SE puts some of its content out
    [20:41][2]Aliron Durimhuid> sometimes it feels like they do new gear sets to quickly
    [20:41][2]Quendi Leviathan> i did zeta and my advantage felt small
    [20:42][2]Aliron Durimhuid> its the same with anima sometimes
    [20:42][2]Quendi Leviathan> i stopped after 2 dungeons
    [20:42][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i'm on the collect 80 stage on PLD and I can still hold hate aand take it from a fully up to date tank
    [20:43][2]Quendi Leviathan> because my raid group crasshed no goal to strive to complete it for
    [20:43][2]Aliron Durimhuid> my smn is starting to feel OP though and sometimes those dungeon grinds are to much
    [20:44][2]Aliron Durimhuid> would you come if we started doing the end game savage stuff with occasional farms of old content?
    [20:45][2]Aliron Durimhuid> or better yet..
    [20:45][2]Aliron Durimhuid> what would be the top 3 things or types of things you two would like to do in as a group
    [20:45][2]Aliron Durimhuid> ignore the FC/LS part
    [20:46][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> are we done the recrutuing part of the meeting and on to events?
    [20:46][2]Aliron Durimhuid> yea
    [20:46][2]Aliron Durimhuid> sorry
    [20:46][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> ok i have had this idea for a while but hadnt the time to start it
    [20:47][2]Aliron Durimhuid> k
    [20:48][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i can create a form where i can out 10-15 question or less and have everyone fill it out with what they want out of playing 14, their goals, clears that they still need etc etc
    [20:49][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> ponies, relics,, Times that they play most often
    [20:49][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> compile it and then use that information to plan events
    [20:49][2]Aliron Durimhuid> not a bad idea, would need to be possible to edit entries though as content is released for the goals part
    [20:50][2]Aliron Durimhuid> Go for it, it'll help us figure out where to start with our current members for sure
    [20:50][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> yes as soon as someone gets what they need a clear or a pony i can be easily recorded so we dont need to do it again. unless people need glamour items then we can farm them
    [20:51][2]Aliron Durimhuid> the glamour farms could be our break from the 'grind' if you will
    [20:51][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> there is so much content that we can offer our members. the issue is 1. What is it they want 2. When can they log in and be there
    [20:52][2]Aliron Durimhuid> once we know who is on when we can figure out when to run things and who to take charge of it to
    [20:52][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> thats the biggest problem i see here in MFC and its the reason i think that the last few recruits did not stay
    [20:52][2]Aliron Durimhuid> agreed
    [20:53][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> goals and incentives are going to keep people in the Marvels
    [20:53][2]Aliron Durimhuid> exactly
    [20:54][2]Quendi Leviathan> i blame the small house ali rushed into
    [20:54][2]Aliron Durimhuid> I myself want to do a lot of the endgame stuff atm
    [20:54][2]Aliron Durimhuid> I only had so much gil available at the time
    [20:54][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> ill have full meeting posted in forum
    [20:55][2]Aliron Durimhuid> one event I had planned became a moot point with the latest update though, and that was the Crystal tower stuff
    [20:55][2]Quendi Leviathan> organize raid group with set jobs
    [20:55][2]Aliron Durimhuid> its popular again because of new anima stage
    [20:55][2]Aliron Durimhuid> raid groups are probably what is going to draw a lot of people
    [20:55][2]Aliron Durimhuid> this server is top heavy on the levels
    [20:56][2]Aliron Durimhuid> and it doesn't take long to join those levels
    [20:56][2]Quendi Leviathan> legacy...it's balanced a little
    [20:56][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> we need to have a lot of learning parties before we ever hope to advertise for a clear
    [20:56][2]Aliron Durimhuid> don't worry about advertising clears, learning parties will get the most
    [20:57][2]Aliron Durimhuid> remember how quickly the coil learn parties filled out
    [20:57][2]Quendi Leviathan> people need to master job basics
    [20:57][2]Aliron Durimhuid> a lot of them do
    [20:57][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> yes it fills quickly but pugs take a long time to clear
    [20:58][2]Aliron Durimhuid> the reason they take a while is because there isn't a common link normally which is where Linkshells and Free Companies come in
    [20:58][2]Aliron Durimhuid> and now you see what I meant about one addresses the other
    [20:59][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> so you want to move towards MFC being better at raiding
    [20:59][2]Aliron Durimhuid> in part yes
    [21:00][2]Quendi Leviathan> 3 of us used to be in ssame raid group: me, jacki, slyce
    [21:00][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> yes i remember
    [21:00][2]Quendi Leviathan> you were newb then
    [21:00][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> how long did you guys pug till you found your static
    [21:01][2]Aliron Durimhuid> lets have raids be the focus of recruiting, the other things people want can be addressed by that questionare form you mentioned
    [21:01][2]Aliron Durimhuid> as for the PF recruiting method we could do two phases there
    [21:02][2]Aliron Durimhuid> one phase being the raid parties, the other being general
    [21:02][2]Aliron Durimhuid> or would it be better to incorporate both?
    [21:02][2]Quendi Leviathan> for now i'm more observation mode
    [21:03][2]Aliron Durimhuid> you have any ideas Had on this?
    [21:03][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> not sure what you mean 2 phases
    [21:04][2]Aliron Durimhuid> one batch of recruiting specifically targeting raiders, then another phase that targets the server in general
    [21:04][2]Quendi Leviathan> that's mainly leadership doing content
    [21:05][2]Aliron Durimhuid> ok
    [21:05][2]Quendi Leviathan> and inviting interessted policiess
    [21:05][2]Aliron Durimhuid> ok
    [21:05][2]Quendi Leviathan> and inviting interessted policiess
    [21:05][2]Quendi Leviathan> parties*
    [21:05][2]Aliron Durimhuid> good point
    [21:05][2]Quendi Leviathan> so people that craft all day don't meet people
    [21:06][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> raider recruiting for linkshell learning statics you mean then offer Fc invite?
    [21:07][2]Aliron Durimhuid> give me a sec, I have an idea forming
    [21:09][2]Aliron Durimhuid> Each person wants to do certain things, lets figure out who wants to have runs of what
    [21:10][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> thats easily done with a form i can send out
    [21:10][2]Aliron Durimhuid> then when its time to recruit to the LS we recruiter could mention what they focus on
    [21:10][2]Aliron Durimhuid> that will get the interested parties Quendi mentioned
    [21:11][2]Aliron Durimhuid> might be some disruption to the new people but thats going to happen no matter what approach we take.
    [21:11][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> yes i agree we need a recruiting form to be filles out , part of the application process
    [21:12][2]Aliron Durimhuid> and in all recruiting to the linkshell mention we also have a Free Company if they are interested
    [21:12][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> its going to increase their commintment to stay and retain more members
    [21:12][2]Aliron Durimhuid> yea
    [21:12][2]Aliron Durimhuid> so where would we put the form?
    [21:13][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> in both of the forums, they need to register there
    [21:13][2]Aliron Durimhuid> we currently have 3 forums as it is, one on Lodestone, on on guildwork, and the origanal on heavenfurm
    [21:14][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> we can tie them all together and put links to all 3
    [21:14][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i know where to put the link on heavenforum to guildwork
    [21:15][2]Aliron Durimhuid> as for links leading out of guildwork, might take me a bit
    [21:15][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i'll focus on getting that done, you manage the form
    [21:16][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> it could me as simple has a direct link in a post like Visit mfc.guildwork.com etc
    [21:16][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i dont know the lodestone link ill have to look it up
    [21:16][2]Aliron Durimhuid> yea, I also want a concrete link if possible
    [21:16][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i'll work on them
    [21:17][2]Aliron Durimhuid> so first lets get that form done, and have current members fill it out
    [21:17][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> ok ill have a form ready to see what people want and when can they be there
    [21:17][2]Aliron Durimhuid> second is figure out what we'll say in our recruiting messages
    [21:17][2]Quendi Leviathan> k. i'm going to log. i'll be around.
    [21:18][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i have a general idea ill have you tweak it
    [21:18][2] kk take care quendi, and pop on the forums etc give us feedback
    [21:18][2]Aliron Durimhuid> kk
    [21:18][2]Aliron Durimhuid> we also need to figure out who will do what mediums so we don't flood anything
    [21:19][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i'll focus on tweeking the forums and getting something set up for discord
    [21:19][2]Aliron Durimhuid> for recruiting, we're focusing on the linkshell at this time
    [21:19][2]Aliron Durimhuid> for recruiting, we're focusing on the linkshell at this time
    [21:20][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> havent tried discord is it better than Teamspeak?
    [21:20][2]Aliron Durimhuid> no idea used neither
    [21:20][2]Aliron Durimhuid> haven't used any voip except skype
    [21:20][2]Aliron Durimhuid> any other points that need to be brought up?
    [21:21][2]Aliron Durimhuid> you mentioned something from Ladon and Jacque?
    [21:21][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> teamspeak i used couple years ago, maybe everyone is using other things i dont know
    [21:21][2]Aliron Durimhuid> ts is still used
    [21:21][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i see it in PFs
    [21:22][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> some of us are crafters and now that we have a new wheel stand we can craft better buffs, and its hard sometimes to get 4 crafters on same time
    [21:22][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> why dont we have a dedicated crafters night to meet to finish projects
    [21:23][2]Aliron Durimhuid> sounds good
    [21:23][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i dont think we will be doing any airship projects anytime soon, and these buffs are quick and easier to craft we can finish 4-5 projects easily
    [21:24][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> and were saving a ton on credits this way
    [21:24][2]Aliron Durimhuid> ok lets focus the shop on that
    [21:25][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> oh one thing......
    [21:25][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i dont know about you but that floor downstairs i think it needs an upgrade
    [21:25][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> lol
    [21:25][2]Aliron Durimhuid> don't like the pool tile?
    [21:26][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> well would look good outside if we had a pool but inside not sure
    [21:27][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> thats just my observation
    [21:27][2]Aliron Durimhuid> what would you like down here? i've been thinking of outing the hot tub myself
    [21:28][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> what i can do is post a link to a great site that shows everything that can be placed in a house then we could maybe vote on it in a forum poll then decide
    [21:28][2]Aliron Durimhuid> ok
    [21:28][2]Aliron Durimhuid> anything else to bring up?
    [21:29][2]Aliron Durimhuid> hadeus you've been fairly silent
    [21:30][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> Had somone wanted to have our airship looking for dinosaour fossil sector 15 to craft a dinosaur for outdoor
    [21:31][2]Aliron Durimhuid> and one of the sectors for music
    [21:31][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> but right now we cant fit anymore outthere, maybe we remove the egg thingy
    [21:31][2]Aliron Durimhuid> egg thingy?
    [21:32][2]Aliron Durimhuid> oh
    [21:32][2]Aliron Durimhuid> from easter event
    [21:32][2]Aliron Durimhuid> take out the table or bench
    [21:33][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> i dont have any other things to bring up
    [21:33][2]Aliron Durimhuid> kk, same here
    [21:34][2]Aliron Durimhuid> had's afk so i'll adjoun the meeting
    [21:34][2]Hulkwolf Gennofremora> ok thanks
    [21:34][2]Aliron Durimhuid> i'll set up a spot on forum for minutes, think its already there
    [21:35][2]Aliron Durimhuid> we'll do our current events until we have the forms filled


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