Fishing Stats

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    Fishing Stats

    Post by Hakrev (Admin) on Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:22 pm

    Below is some info as to what the appear to do so far (calculations are just an rough estimate):

    pie = unknown as we do not yet have our secondary tool, but this will be the stat for it; this tool will likely be either A) tacklebox B) multicatch (lowered hq rate of course, but more of Piety will = higher chance to catch more fish) or C) another kind of rod or spearfishing (which was in 1.0, but they took it out, unlikely to return) or D) SE gives us the middle finger and never gives us a secondary tool

    dex = catch more rare fish/items (minions, mahi mahi, titanic swordfish, etc) divide total by 10 for the rate, with 0 dex u'd have 0% chance, I have also seen some slight increases to HQ rates, but this is not definite yet, so don't take my word on it.

    perception = catch more HQ fish (doesn't work on items fished up that have a 0% chance of hq) again divide by 10 to find your total and add +15% for your total hq rate. 

    gethering = slows the rate of fishing cap (forcing you to have to move to a new location); increases the size limit allowing you to reel in larger fish (stops the Fish got away message); increases proc rate for catching higher level fish (again stops the fish got away message; extremely important for fishing 1 and 2 star fishes for log completion)

    hq fish: 300% increase in exp

    elemental = doesn't seem to do anything atm, as it works on other gathering classes it increases the yield of items, as we're stuck with 1 fish/cast this basically does nothing, but in future updates (if they add multi-catch bait) it could have uses. It is entirely possible that this increases your elemental affinity with the weather, and increases your proc rate on weather dependant fish catching (raincallers, titanic swordfish, mushroom crab, etc.), but I haven't attempted this at all yet.

    GP: Rediculously pointless, unless it does some sort of magical hidden thing we all don't know about. Personally I got all the top tier dex for my jewelry slots as this was complete garbage to waste my gil on. Sometimes I put on the elemental cross-class abilities with it for lol's and the off chance that it does something for fisher. All the elemental skills will last through zone's and warps and last forever until you swap classes if you're interested Razz. I'm pretty sure it does nothing though as it's meant for shard farming, but i figured it couldn't hurt.

    obviously your priority will shift between what your trying to accomplish. Below I list some of the different situations and what priority the stats are in for those situations:


    1. Gathering: Obviously the most important stat, because you do not want a fish getting away, it'll ruin your exp/hr. Also helps with filling out log.
    2. Perception: 300% bonus exp for hq = insane exp
    3. Affinity: could have some potential, probably useless
    4. Dex: useless


    1. Perception: You must HQ to mooch, and it will increase your proc rate on hq silver sharks quite well, which can net you a nice 100-150k/day profit.
    2. Gathering: If you're double mooching you'll need this, also important for record fish, if you're into that. It is also important due to it's capacity to increase the size of the fish being caught, which will force more HQ as a fish needs higher sizes to proc hq.
    3. Dex: Just slightly less important than Gathering as you are attempting to catch fish that are often 1-2 star fish (if you're higher level), if you're low level this doesn't matter as much. Obviously situational
    4. Affinity: it could play a role in catching stuff like titanic swordfish and mushroom crab, which are both weather dependent 

    After 50 npc fish farming: 

    1. Gathering: You want to farm for a long long time at 1 spot, so stack this stat to the moon and spend a few hours in 1 spot.
    2. Perception: HQ fish sell for more, plain and simple. (just a hint, aim for pike, they sell for a good amount to npcs)
    3. Dex: i doubt you'll be focused on rare fish for npc'ing, but I guess it couldn't hurt if you're in a mooching spot.
    4. Affinity: useless

    After 50 rare fish/item farming: Very lucrative!!!

    1. Dex: Will straight up increase your minion/mahi mahi catches. Both of which can net you in the ball-park 250k-300k/day (if you have high cooking). Also for coral fishing. It is seriously important for this stuff. Will also increase chance of obtaining silver sharks over other catches as it is rarer than the other fish that share the mooch at any of its locations. Might not be so great for going after titanic swordfish, due to increase in sharks, but at the same time titanic swordfish is extremely rare, so you'll have to weigh that problem yourself.
    2. Affinity: Raincallers and several other fish (mahi mahi, seem to be caught more in the sun for instance) are tied to weather and very very lucrative, IF affinity does work to increase weather condition fish than this stat would be very important.
    3. Perception: situational, it is very important if you're going after mahi mahi, where hq fish = double profit, but for all the other rare fish/items it's completely useless as items for one can't be hq'd Razz 
    4. Gathering: its alright, but honestly it's just not important for this beyond the boost in time you'll have to fish at 1 spot.

    Generally speaking you're just going to have high gathering, slightly less perception, medium dex, low affinity, that's just the way the game has prioritized things, the above is for the completionist who wants to have multiple sets with modded materia slots. They're just suggestions, but I wanted to help you all determine what and why the stats would be best for.

    This job got the LEAST amount of overhaul from 1.0 as yoshi-p doesn't want ppl to fish for some reason. But you can fish and make TONS of gil so w/e. SE took the following abilities from 1.0 and just added them to stats so we didn't have to use GP for it, I just listed it after the ability:

    Veteran Trade: gathering (Fish got away!)
    Increases your chance to hit items aimed for while gathering.
    Optimal rank: 10
    Action Cost: 4
    Requires: Discipline of the Land

    Nature’s Bounty: dex (
    Increases your chance to locate rare items while gathering.
    Optimal rank: 15
    Action Cost: 4
    Requires: Discipline of the Land 

    Way of Plenty: gathering (Fishing location fatigue)
    Increases the remainder of a gathering location.
    Optimal rank: 25
    Action Cost: 7
    Requires: Discipline of the Land

    Clever Arc: gathering (Fishing location fatigue)
    Slows the rate at which a gathering location's remainder decreases.
    Optimal rank: 1
    Action Cost: 4
    Requires: Disciple of the Land
    Guildmarks: 10,000 

    Master of Fish: perception 
    Increases your chance to obtain high quality items while gathering.
    Optimal rank: 1
    Action Cost: 3
    Requires: Disciple of the Land
    Guildmarks: 12,000

    I hope this clears some of the confusion up about stats for Fisher, but I think it also poses a bunch of unanswered questions as well. It'll take time to get a complete and perfect picture of what these stats do, as this is the only class that doesn't tell you what any of the stats are really used for beyond just the simple gathering/perception, but even that isn't explained thoroughly in-game. It's like the coder's didn't talk to the people that wrote the dialog or maybe they meant for us to discover it, as they've been purposefully vague about all details about fishing.


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