July 23. 2012 Version Update


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    July 23. 2012 Version Update

    Post by Aliron on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:46 pm

    July 23, 2012 Version Update


    New battle content called Heroines' Holdfast has been introduced.
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    Read on for details regarding this content.

    [dev1125] Voidwatch Adjustments
    It is now possible to skip the cutscene that occurs when zoning from Walk of Echoes to Provenance.
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    The acquisition of other rewards will no longer be interrupted when a rare item already in one's possession is among the spoils obtained from a Riftworn Pyxis after selecting "obtain all."
    Enemies' resistance to enfeebling magic has been adjusted.

    [dev1131] Legion Adjustments
    It is now possible to reenter a battlefield after being ejected due to all participants having been KO'd.
    In addition, the distance that enemies roam has been adjusted.
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    Enemies' resistance to enfeebling magic has been adjusted.

    Fields of Valor and Grounds of Valor Adjustments
    Objectives for the following training regime have been revised:

    Ifrit's Cauldron: Page 5

    Potency of the field support effect White Magic: Protect has been increased.

    [dev1132] Assault Adjustment
    When moving to the next floor during Nyzul Isle Investigation and Nyzul Isle Uncharted Region, characters will now zone in at different coordinates around the Rune of Transfer.
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    [dev1133] Einherjar Adjustment
    All rewards procured from the Nashmau (H-7) NPC Kilusha will now be displayed on a single page.

    A new fish may now be cut open in the quest "Inside the Belly."


    The following job-related adjustments have been made:
    White Mage
    The effect of Protect V merit points has been adjusted.
    The value for each point has been modified from DEF+2 to DEF+5
    The effect of Knight's Minne merit points has been adjusted.
    The value for each point has been modified from DEF+1 to DEF+2.

    [dev1129] The maximum number of upgrades for the attribute merit point category has been raised from twelve to twenty-four.

    [dev1093] Enfeebling Magic Resistance of Monsters
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    A log message now appears when a monster resists an enfeebling spell which enables the player to determine whether a monster possesses complete resistance to a particular type of enfeebling magic.
    As long as the monster does not completely resist the effect, it is possible to inflict enfeebling magic upon them. The number of affectable monsters has drastically increased.
    A new system has been added in which using enfeebling magic multiple times will lower the target enemy's resistance. This system is known as "Immunobreak."
    When an Immunobreak occurs after the enemy has resisted a particular enfeebling magic, the resistance of the enemy to that effect will decrease by a certain amount.
    Immunobreaks can stack and continually lower an enemy's resistance.
    The more times the enfeebling magic is resisted, the greater the likelihood that an Immunobreak will occur.
    When the enfeebling effect is successfully applied, the resistance will reset.
    If the effect is continuously applied, the enemy will slowly gain more resistance, and eventually Immunobreaks will no longer occur.
    Note that some monsters have complete resistance to enfeebling effects.
    (Immunobreaks will not occur on enemies which have complete resistance.)
    Immunobreaks only apply to enfeebling effects (magic abilities based on Enfeebling Magic skill level).

    [dev1128] The following spell effects have been raised:
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    Protect / Protectra / Protect II / Protectra II / Protect III / Protectra III / Protect IV / Protectra IV / Protect V / Protectra V / Knight's Minne / Knight's Minne II / Knight's Minne III / Knight's Minne IV / Knight's Minne V

    [dev1128] Resistances to the following spells have been changed:

    Foe Requiem / Foe Requiem II / Foe Requiem III / Foe Requiem IV / Foe Requiem V / Foe Requiem VI / Foe Requiem VII

    [dev1130] The interval between the conclusion of battle and the next possible time an attack command can be carried out has been adjusted.

    [dev1130] The interval between the time a ranged attack finishes and the next possible time a new command can be carried out has been reduced.

    [dev1130] Guard and Parry Adjustments
    The guard and parry skills have been adjusted so that they may level up even if the skills do not activate when players are attacked.

    A new familiar may now be summoned with the beastmaster ability "Call Beast."
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    The beastmaster ability Tame may no longer be used if you already have a familiar out.

    The items dropped by the Yagudo Pipers found in Giddeus and Meriphataud Mountains have been modified.


    New items have been added.
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    New synthesis recipes have been added.

    New synergy recipes have been added.
    <Rank: Apprentice>
    Item Name Required Craft Materials
    Iridal Staff Woodworking Fire Staff, Ice Staff, Wind Staff, Earth Staff, Thunder Staff, Water Staff, Light Staff, Dark Staff
    Chatoyant Staff Woodworking Vulcan's Staff, Aquilo's Staff, Auster's Staff, Terra's Staff, Jupiter's Staff, Neptune's Staff, Apollo's Staff, Pluto's Staff

    <Rank: Adept>
    Item Name Required Craft Materials
    Auroral Broth Cooking Aurora Bass, San d'Orian Flour, Distilled Water

    The following items are no longer classified as rare:

    Cordial Invite / Mercenary Camp Entry Slip / Martial Ball Invite / Training Grounds Key / Pest Repellant

    The Clr. Duckbills +2 attribute "Enhances Protectra V effect" has been increased.

    The enchantment attribute of the items Protect Ring and Protect Earring has been increased.


    [dev1126] An upper limit on the frame rate for fishing animations has been implemented so as to decrease the gap experienced between different platforms.
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    [Windows and Xbox 360 Only]

    [dev1134] Spell icons have been modified in preparation for the UI overhaul.
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    Resolved Issues

    The following issues have been corrected:
    The issue with Einherjar wherein players could access Odin's Chamber and Odin's Chamber II without either the title Elite Einherjar or the requisite amount of valkyrie feathers.
    The issue with Legion wherein the Legion Libretto's "random selection" option would occasionally function improperly.
    The issue wherein the help text for the familiars Crab Familiar and Courier Carrie's pet command Bubble Shower erroneously read "within a fan-shaped area originating from pet" instead of "within area of effect."
    The issue wherein sending away either pets called with the beastmaster ability Call Beast, avatars, or automatons caused their masters' enmity to increase.
    The issue wherein engaging in battle while under the Allied Tags effect kept Guard from activating for both players and enemies.
    The issue wherein the visual effect for the Corsair ability Wind Shot would display improperly.
    The issue wherein the visual effect for the wyvern ability Thunder Breath would display improperly.
    The issue wherein the visual effects for the following spells would display improperly on crab enemies:

    Repose / Sleep II / Sleepga II

    The issue wherein the enchantment effects of the Moogle Rod and Nomad Moogle Rod could be used during cutscenes.
    The issue wherein the graphics for Yagudo appearing in the following event replays would display improperly under certain circumstances.

    The Tigress Strikes(pt.3) / A Manifest Problem(pt.2)

    Known Issues

    Changes made to key assignments for the keyboard configuration "Compact 2" will sometimes be improperly applied when logging back in to FINAL FANTASY XI or the PlayOnline Viewer.
    The icon for the familiar Turbid Toloi's ability Water Wall does not display in the proper color.

    Heroines' Holdfast

    Heroines' Holdfast is a special battlefield created to celebrate FINAL FANTASY XI's tenth anniversary and takes place on Nyzul Isle. The holdfast houses multiple heroines; one for each floor. Participants make their way through certain floors and finally battle the heroine who awaits them in her chamber on the corresponding floor.
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    Entry Requirements

    Have one's main job at level 99.
    Form a party of three to six people.
    There is a time restriction of fifteen minutes, which can be extended by an additional fifteen minutes each time a heroine is defeated.

    Heroines' Holdfast Overview

    Trade an Athena Orb to the Runic Seal at the Nyzul Isle staging point (J-9) in the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins to enter the battlefield.
    *The Athena Orb will disappear upon entering the holdfast.
    Name: versionup0724_11.jpg Views: 16 Size: 46.6 KB
    Transfer to the antechamber.
    There are five runes of transfer in the antechamber that teleport participants to each heroine's floor, and deciding which heroine your party shall do battle with before trading your Athena Orb should save valuable time at this juncture.

    The following runes of transfer teleport players to the corresponding heroine's floor:

    Name: versionup0724_12.jpg Views: 17 Size: 30.1 KB ★: Starting Location

    Rune of Transfer #1: Lion
    Rune of Transfer #2: Prishe
    Rune of Transfer #3: Aphmau
    Rune of Transfer #4: Lilisette
    Rune of Transfer #5: Mumor

    *Floor 1 is the easiest while floor 5 is the most difficult.
    While searching for the Rune of Transfer ??? that leads to the heroine's chamber, players can both fight the enemies that populate the floor and talk with NPCs who occasionally give out temporary items or make the journey easier.
    Once certain conditions have been met, players may use the Rune of Transfer ??? to teleport to the heroine's chamber on that floor.
    *Examining a Rune of Transfer ??? before meeting its usage requirements will provide you with a hint on how to meet them.
    Confront the heroine!
    Defeating a heroine within the fifteen-minute time limit assures one's victory, adds another fifteen minutes to the party's remaining time, and transports the party back to the antechamber for a go at another floor of enemies and another heroine!
    Failing to defeat a heroine within the appointed time or having one's whole party get KO'd ends one's stay in the holdfast.

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