New Job Adjustements


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    New Job Adjustements

    Post by Gennadi on Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:16 am

    Here are the latest goodies straight from the offices of SE Idea

    Save TP Adjustment

    Save TP will be treated as a minimum guaranteed TP value that will always be obtained a weaponskill.
    Examples, assuming a Save TP value of 20:
    25 TP weaponskill: 25 TP obtained.
    15 TP weaponskill: 20 TP obtained.
    Missed (0 TP) weaponskill: 20 TP obtained.

    Woot this is going to be great, now every job can get a nice tp+ bonus to every weapons kill even if we miss.

    Enfeebling Magic Resistance of Monsters

    Monsters' resistance to enfeebling magic will be lowered.
    While there will remain a select group of exceptional monsters with complete resistance to certain effects, the vast majority of monsters will become susceptible to enfeebling effects.
    *This does not guarantee that enfeebling magic will always be successful. Furthermore, effect duration may be reduced for monsters with high resistance.

    *As these adjustments will have wide-ranging repercussions on combat balance, an extensive testing and feedback period will be conducted before their implementation.

    Hmm now our Blm's can get even more nasty damage cheers

    Cure Spell Adjustments

    Cure spells will be adjusted so that Healing Magic skill will play a greater role in determining their potency.
    At high skill levels, Cure spells will heal more HP than before, while low skill levels will see minimal benefit. The degree to which Healing Magic skill affects HP healed will vary by spell, with Cure I-IV seeing the most significant adjustments.
    Cure I-IV: Amount of HP recovered may increase by as much as 1.4 times
    Cure V-VI: Minimal adjustments.
    *Curaga I-V and Cura I-III will remain unchanged.

    Ok i think this is a hint from SE to all the healers; SKILLUP!!! Embarassed
    Hakrev (Admin)

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    Re: New Job Adjustements

    Post by Hakrev (Admin) on Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:04 pm

    I'm hoping this enfeebling thing stops resistances to proc spells like threnodies for brds. Honestly I'm tired of encountering monsters that are 100% resistant to things and finding out that is the element of proc. If they want to keep such a thing in, then they need to write some code for each of these monsters so that proc cannot be a 100% resisted spell or absorbed element, it's just not fair. And for the love of all things fair give brds a A+ in all instruments already.

    The healing magic is SE's way to allow rdm/sch/pld access to higher amounts of cures without directly giving them cure 5. I think rdm suffers the most from this as they are stuck spamming the crud outta c4 and they have no way of increasing it. Pld doesn't really have to rely on heavy healing, so c4 works pretty well. increasing it 140% due to healing skill is basically giving them c5 w/o directly doing so, which I find pretty funny. If I were those jobs I would stalk up on the relatively inexpensive healing skill + items now, they will skyrocket after this update.

    Save TP adjustment is pretty much the coolest thing I've seen come out for sams in a long time. Does this mean if I stack 50 save tp (which isn't all that difficult) I'll get 50% back even if I miss o.0 if so isn't that kinda crazy. I can stack up that high on cor easily while I have ~30tp/tick. It's almost unfair how awesome this is going to be. I think I would have preferred sam's get this as a trait rather than just everyone getting it; I really think it would have increased that job's uniqueness. This coupled with a tp regain trait would be the adjustments I'd like to see to sam.


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