Relic Armor Upgrades


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    Relic Armor Upgrades

    Post by zanosuz on Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:32 pm

    [dev1041] Relic Armor Upgrades

    *The following content is still in development. Specific details may differ from the release version.

    Relic Armor will be upgradable via Trial of the Magians.

    Two upgrade stages will be available, each offering the following augmented attributes:
    Stage 1: Item-related augments
    Stage 2: Merit point-related augments
    *Relic and Relic +1 Armor will result in the same items after upgrading. Owners of Relic +1 Armor will be rewarded with less demanding conditions for the first upgrade stage.

    Upgraded armor pieces will have a higher level requirement than their base forms.

    Armor pieces upgraded to Stage 2 will be storable with the Moogle Porter service.


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