New Battlefields


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    New Battlefields

    Post by zanosuz on Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:22 am

    [dev1025] New Battlefields

    New Burning Circle Notorious Monster (BCNM) battlefields will be added.
    New orbs will be obtainable from the Port Jeuno NPC Shami in exchange for High Kindred’s crests.
    Locations, entry requirements, and other conditions for the new battlefields will be as follows:

    Orb Type Price Location Restrictions
    Zelos Orb 30 High Kindred’s Crests Boneyard Gully Level: Any
    Participants: 6
    Bearclaw Pinnacle Level: Any
    Participants: 6
    Bia Orb 50 High Kindred’s Crests Mine Shaft #2716 Level: Any
    Participants: 6
    Monarch Linn Level: Any
    Participants: 6
    Phobos Orb 30 Kindred’s Crests Spire of Holla Level: Any
    Participants: 6
    Spire of Dem Level: Any
    Participants: 6
    Spire of Mea Level: Any
    Participants: 6
    Deimos Orb 50 Kindred’s Crests Spire of Vahzl Level: Any
    Participants: 6
    Players victorious in the battlefields at the Spires of Holla, Dem, Mea, and Vahzl will receive items that may, in turn, be traded to the NPC Shami to claim rewards.

    *Time limits for the battlefields above are currently under consideration. An announcement will follow when these details are finalized.


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    Re: New Battlefields

    Post by Gennadi on Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:20 pm

    I welcome these new bcnm's but i dont like how SE is handing us small tidbits of information without the details.

    Give us the details!! Sleep

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