New Job Adjustments


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    New Job Adjustments

    Post by zanosuz on Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:15 pm

    The forthcoming version update is scheduled to feature the following job adjustments:

    Dark Knight

    The effect duration of the job ability Last Resort will be increased from 30 to 180 seconds.


    The recast time of the job ability Bounty Shot will be reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute, and a successful hit will occasionally enhance the effect of Treasure Hunter.

    The job ability Barrage will launch an additional projectile at level 90.
    Accuracy calculations for Barrage will be eased in proportion to the maximum number of shots.


    The following automaton attachments will be added:

    Heat Capacitor: A fire-based automaton attachment.
    Functionality: Erases all Fire Maneuver effects to restore TP.

    Power Cooler: An ice-based automaton attachment.
    Functionality: Reduces MP cost in proportion to the number of Ice Maneuvers in effect.

    Barrage Turbine: A wind-based automaton attachment.
    Functionality: Erases all Wind Maneuver effects to occasionally grant a Barrage effect

    Galvanizer: A lightning-based automaton attachment.
    Functionality: Increases chance of countering in proportion to the number of Thunder Maneuvers in effect.

    The following weapon skills will be added for the Valoredge and Sharpshot frames:

    Skill Name Frame Effect

    String Shredder Valoredge Delivers a twofold attack.
    Critical hit rate varies with TP.

    Armor Shatterer Sharpshot Delivers a fourfold attack.
    Additional effect: Weakens defense
    Additional effect duration varies with TP.

    Job Traits

    The following job traits will be added:

    Job Trait Level Obtained* Effect

    Tranquil Heart
    WHM Lv.21
    RDM Lv.26
    SCH Lv.30
    Reduces enmity gain when casting healing magic.

    Stalwart Soul
    DKN Lv.45
    Reduces HP consumption when using Souleater.

    Dead Aim
    RNG Lv.50
    Improves power of critical hits for ranged attacks.

    *The level indicated is that at which the trait will initially be obtained. Trait effectiveness will subsequently increase at higher levels.
    Certain job traits will see their maximum level of effectiveness adjusted by equipment, magic, and/or job abilities.

    Other Adjustments

    VIT will play a role in calculating damage taken from critical hits.

    Experience point penalties when KO’d will be eased for characters level 75 and below.

    At levels 1–30, the penalty will be removed entirely. At levels 31–75, the amount of XP lost will be lowered as indicated in the chart below.


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    Re: New Job Adjustments

    Post by Gennadi on Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:55 pm

    Zan you must be dancing in the streets with those new Pup adjustments lol. They do look good especially the:

    Armor Shatterer Sharpshot Delivers a fourfold attack.
    Additional effect: Weakens defense
    Additional effect duration varies with TP.

    But where is Beast!!! i wanna see new toys!!

    I laughed at the no exp loss for levels 1-30. I mean what is SE eventually doing? Every update i see them making it easier and easier for people to level. Why not start everyone at level 30? It only makes sense, they can automatically be allowed to purchase the 3 add ons for abyssea which in turn will make SE money off the starting line.

    Where is my bst toys!!! bounce

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    Re: New Job Adjustments

    Post by Vayhne on Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:38 pm

    I really like the DRK adjustments. Hopefully in the next update or 2 DRK will be relevant again. Very Happy

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    Re: New Job Adjustments

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