Bastion: New Scars of Abyssea battlesystem


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    Bastion: New Scars of Abyssea battlesystem

    Post by Gennadi on Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:30 pm

    Scars of Abyssea: Bastion

    Is the name given to defensive battles waged by the Resistance and its
    adventurer allies against the ever-encroaching Abyssean hordes. Bastion battles take place in the areas below introduced in Scars of Abyssea:
    Abyssea – Attohwa / Abyssea – Misareaux / Abyssea - Vunkerl

    Stout-hearted adventurers who lend their sword arms to Bastion can expect to earn handsome rewards in experience or limit points, cruor, and Resistance Credits, the last of which can be exchanged for Empyrean Armor and useful temporary items. As evaluation for Bastion battles is conducted on a per-enemy basis, even those with limited time can earn rewards commensurate with their contributions.

    Participating in Bastion

    Proceed to a Bastion Area.
    Adventurers can confirm the status of Bastion battles by speaking with either the Port Jeuno NPC "Horst," or the Bastion Prefect overseeing each area's outpost.

    *Please be aware that system messages indicating the commencement of a Bastion battle will not be displayed for those who have switched on the chat filter for Campaign-Related Data.

    Sign Up for Bastion
    Each of the three Scars of Abyssea areas is home to a military outpost, within which a "Pulse Martello"—the cornerstone of the resistance effort—is stationed. Adventurers must help to repel the Abyssean hordes that storm the outpost, seeking the destruction of the Pulse Martello.
    The outpost can be conveniently reached by teleporting to Veridical Conflux #00.

    During a Bastion battle, the Bastion Prefect NPC will issue the "Pennant" status to participants. Only those who have received this status will be able to attack Bastion foes and earn rewards. Similarly to Besieged and Campaign, characters belonging to different parties and alliances can cooperate in felling the same enemy.

    Pennant Status
    Characters under the effect of the Pennant status will be subject to restrictions on certain other activities. Players who wish to engage in activities such as ordinary leveling and NM battles must first speak with the Bastion Prefect to have the status removed. The Pennant status will automatically wear off upon the conclusion of a Bastion battle, but you may choose to have it removed at any time.

    Under the effect of a Pennant:
    * You cannot engage in battle with non-Bastion foes. Similarly, non-Bastion foes will be unable to attack you.
    * You cannot have healing and enhancement magic cast upon you by characters not issued with the status.
    * You cannot receive or complete quests offered in the Abyssea area in question.
    * You will not be subject to an experience penalty if incapacitated.
    *The Pennant status does not prevent you from being ejected from Abyssea should your Visitant status wear off.
    *Both Pennant and Visitant statuses will wear off if you are affected by the black magic spell "Tractor."

    3) Repel the Hordes!
    The fiends will relentlessly hone in on one target: the Pulse Martello that forms the keystone of the Resistance's defenses. To protect this vital but highly vulnerable target, makeshift searing ward replicas known as "Clone Wards" have been constructed in the immediate vicinity. The Pulse Martello will fall quickly if subjected to direct assaults from the enemy, so soldiers of the Resistance would do well to keep the Clone Wards functioning at full capacity at all times.

    When an enemy is felled (regardless of whether the killing blow is struck by an adventurer or a Resistance NPC), adventurers will receive experience points, limit points, cruor and Resistance Credits commensurate with their contributions to the fight. Enemies will also, on rare occasions, yield purloined "martello cores," items which may be used to upgrade the Pulse Martello.

    *Players level 59 and below will be limited in the amount of experience points, cruor, and credits they can obtain.

    - Resistance Credits
    Adventurers who battle bravely on behalf of the Resistance will be rewarded with credits, which may be traded to the Bastion Prefect NPC to receive the legendary Empyrean Armor, useful temporary items, and various other goods.

    - Martello Cores
    Upon acquiring these potent power sources from your foes, they will be automatically outfitted to the Pulse Martello. They will then grant a wide range of favorable effects across the entire area, from increased experience points to a greater likelihood of receiving valuable spoils, and more.

    4) Laying Down Arms
    You may withdraw from combat at any time during a Bastion battle. You will, however, need to speak with the Bastion Prefect NPC to have your pennant status removed if you wish to engage in other quests in Abyssea. Pennant status will also wear off automatically when the battle ends, be it in victory (annihilation of the enemy) or defeat (the fall of the pulse martello).

    imageResistance Ops
    Adventurers may also aid the Resistance by undertaking special missions to upgrade and repair the traps that serve to hinder the progress of the enemy. Speak to a "Resistance Sapper" NPC to register for these operations, for which you will be rewarded in cruor and Resistance Credits upon successful completion.

    *After reporting successful completion of an operation to the Resistance Sapper, you will have to wait one full day (Vana'diel time) before undertaking another.
    *Please be warned that changing areas, logging out, or disconnecting while an operation is in progress will result in the mission being abandoned and all related key items being lost.
    *Resistance ops may not be undertaken or completed while you have the Pennant status in effect.

    Enemy Sighted!
    Bastion battles will arise in all three Scars of Abyssea areas: Abyssea – Attohwa, Abyssea – Misareaux, and Abyssea – Vunkerl. The more adventurers distinguish themselves in their exploits, the sooner the hordes will take notice and commence their attack. Amassing considerable quantities of martello cores will also serve to attract the attention of formidable fiends

    Looks like Campaign Battle with better rewards. Lets see if its all worth climbing the ladder to get those rewards cyclops

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